Episode 63 – 10th December 2010

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Heremy Junt (2:21) by George Poles
Wikileaks and the Streisand Effect (8:34) by Salim Fadhley
Lesbian Are Better Parents (16:17) by Liz Lutgendorff
Bent Spoon, Bad Judges (25:03) by Drew Rae
Too Rational For A Restaurant (32:21) by Dean Burnett
Christmas Message (43:03) by Sly & Reggie

8 thoughts on “Episode 63 – 10th December 2010

  1. Given his complete refusal to address criticisms about his DDT episode, and his misrepresentation of both the people who criticises him and the points they made, was the example of Dunning as a skeptic who accepts criticism supposed to be ironic?

  2. Psst! Hey Drew! Token Skeptic and Podblack Cat are the same person – Kylie Sturgess, also a correspondent on The Skeptic Zone.

  3. Agree with G Shelley about use of Brian Dunning as a skeptic who can accept criticism. His refusal to accept that he screwed up the DDT episode is a prime example of the opposite of knowing how to accept criticism (viz his insistance that he never used junkscience.com as a source in a thread where he describes junkscience.com as “one of his sources”). I also recall a particularly pointless episdoe where he was keen to debunk the notion that the Bible claims the ancient Hebrews built the pyramids of Egypt, in which he recognizes that the Bible never makes this claim, but is still going to debunk it. Huh?

  4. re Dean Burnett:
    I enjoy the Pod Delusion and the variety of voices. On the whole, the production quality has been improving, which is great.

    A sore point for me is Dean Burnett. I find his accent quite hard to understand, but that’s me. What makes it worse, and where he could make it easier, is to SPEAK SLOWER! He speaks so fast that he swallows parts of many words, and spoils his intonation, again, making it so hard to understand that I end up fast forwarding to the next segment. I’m sure he has interesting things to say, if only he would make a little effort to say them in a way I (and others, I’m sure) can understand.

  5. I have to agree with Drew that the Skeptics got it wrong this year for the Bent Spoon. It’s not as if they didn’t have other suitable candidates either.

  6. And Drew gets it wrong on his episode about getting it wrong. I underplayed the role played by tribalscientist in my story (although this may be Kylie Sturgess being modest) and didn’t realise that both podblack cat and tokenskeptic were both Kylie. I can only plead lack of preparation – normally I give people’s real names and their semi-pseudonyms, and doing it properly this time would have avoided the mistakes.

    There’s clearly some issue with Brian Dunning vis-a-vis a report on DDT which may have made him a bad example for accepting criticism. Does this support my point that we all do it badly sometimes? I like to give positive examples where I can, but maybe I need to find a better way to do it.

    There could be a whole article on that phenomenon where you hold someone as an icon or a good example, then they do something very negative (eg skeptics who support viewpoints on particular issues that they don’t have good evidence for supporting). Is the mistake in choosing the example, or in believing that examples must be immaculate? Here’s my chance to say for the week that I need to go away and mull over this.

  7. Can I just say that I love Dean’s reports, and that James published my first few reports despite shocking audio quality. I love Dean’s accent and humour, so I hope he takes the comments on board without being discouraged.

    In retrospect, I wish my early reports hadn’t gone out, but I would probably have been discouraged and never contributed again if they’d been rejected. It’s a hard call James has to make, and I applaud the way he encourages his reporters.

  8. Personally I have zero problem with Dean’s accent. It’s just a normal Welsh accent…

    What has worked for me before when trying to come to terms with a difficult accent is reading the text that someone is speaking along with the audio. It can really help one’s comprehension of a voice to “click.” I don’t know how scripted Dean’s work is but maybe if he provided a transcript to one piece it would help folk like Marc to “tune in…”

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