Episode 61 – 26th November 2010

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Student Occupation (2:42) by James O’Malley
Michael Behe in the UK (9:48) by Craig Lucas
Equal Marriage by (16:51) Salim Fadhley (ft Peter Tatchell)
Revolutionary Treatments (25:32) by Dean Burnett
Skeptical about Football (35:15) by George Poles

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UCL Occupation Video Report:

3 thoughts on “Episode 61 – 26th November 2010

  1. I still manage to take pleasure from watching football, but I do this by studiously ignoring all stories about WAGs, prostitutes and bar-room antics, by only tuning in to live matches while they are actually in progress (including doing something else at half-time) and by recording Match of the Day and skipping through the “analysis” bits. This way I get to concentrate solely on the game which I do still rather enjoy. Oh and I do occasionally actually go to a game, of course.

  2. I’m looking at the Creation story in Genesis, and I can instinctively determine, just by looking, that it has been created by one or more authors, rather than being a faithful description of actual events. I can just TELL. Therefore, by Mr Behe’s logic, because it LOOKS like a created story, it must indeed be a created story, correct?

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