The BHA Bentham Lecture 2010 with Janet Radcliffe Richards

For the Bentham Lecture 2010, Janet Radcliffe Richards spoke on “The Darwin Wars and the Battle of the Sexes: The Sceptical Feminist Thirty Years On”.

Janet Radcliffe Richards is Professor of Practical Philosophy at the University of Oxford, Distinguished Research Fellow at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, and Senior Research Associate at the Department of Philosophy, UCL. Her first book, The Sceptical Feminist, was critical of much existing feminist theory, offering a new approach which sacrifices neither rationality nor radicalism

2 thoughts on “The BHA Bentham Lecture 2010 with Janet Radcliffe Richards

  1. This should have been a most interesting experience but it was largely spoiled by the hugely distracting amount of background noise.
    People coughing and sneezing, the electronic interference of mobile phones, the squeaking of doors and general background noise have all contributed towards making listening unpleasant and comprehension difficult.
    If you listen to the full 84 minutes and 29 seconds of playback, you will hear what I mean, in terms of unpleasant background noises.
    Can you please ensure that in future you get all the people – including speakers and technicians – to make sure they switch their mobiles off BEFORE the presentation begins?
    Can you also ensure you use short range microphones, located directly in front of the speaker so that echo is reduced and background noise is eliminated.
    For the speaker, I would ask her if she has considered the effect of oxytocin in influencing the emotions and roles of men and women?

  2. Yes, great lecture, but absolutely awful podcast for the reasons given by John Dowdle in his comment. The interference makes the last 20 minutes almost unlistenable.

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