Episode 58 – 5th November 2010

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NICE to see you, to see you, NICE (1:36) by Drew Rae and David Couch
Lauren Booth is a Twat (6:06) by Liz Lutgendorff
Security and Liberty (12:12) by Robert Matthews
Government Snooping Petition (18:32) by Salim Fadhley
The ISS at 10 (25:46) by Pete Hague
BBC Three Science (31:25) by Dean Burnett

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3 thoughts on “Episode 58 – 5th November 2010

  1. Was that genuine outrage in Liz’s voice? Sounds like Lauren really pushed some buttons. Loved the venom in the report.

    James – would it be inappropriate to say that you are maturing as an anchor? The intelligent informed commentary around each piece is great. I even think the puns might be getting better. My wife loved the bit last week about “watch the watchmen” and “fire the firefighters”.

  2. Oh Drew, you do know how to massage my ego.

    Liz was certainly very angry about it – she was scowling and swearing under her breath all evening.

    I think the calibre of my anchoring is largely dependent on how tired I am at time of recording – if I put the show together at a reasonable hour, like last night, it usually turns out slightly better than if it’s a late night edit…

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