TAM London – Couple of interviews

Like many people in the ‘skeptic’ community, we spend the weekend at TAM London – mostly mercilessly shilling for the podcast. We handed out something like 700 flyers, and sold around 150 badges, which was nice. As I spent most of the time talking up the podcast people though, we weren’t there for the interviews (the utterly fantastic Little Atoms, will be providing those).

I didn’t though, manage to bump into a couple of important people whilst there. First of all, founder of the JREF who run TAM, the Amazing James Randi himself:

And then current JREF President DJ Grothe, who we last interviewed just after he started as President back in January. I spoke to him about the new JREF UK plans…

Both will be in the show on Friday, but I’m sharing them now as I can’t wait!

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