Episode 51 – 17th September 2010 – Live Birthday Special!

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To celebrate the show’s first birthday, we recorded this episode LIVE at Skeptics in the Pub, London – so it’s a bit longer than usual, but still follows the same format and is hopefully just as entertainment. There was a brief Q&A session after each speaker – we cut those for time reasons, though you can find them below.

Also below is Sean Ellis’s report on the audience reaction to the live event – you can hear that below.

The Papal Visit
by Jon Treadway (ft Naomi Phillips from the British Humanist Association) – 0:03:14

Future Trends In Alternative Medicine
by Liz Lutgendorff – 0:14:35

The Integrated Restaurant
by Sean Ellis – 0:23:18

Culture-Bound Syndromes
by Martin Robbins – 0:30:19

Gay Blood Donation
by Alex Foster – 0:42:29

Why I’m Not A Skeptic
by Will Howells – 0:50:15

The Twat In The Hat
by Crispian Jago – 1:00:08

Carmen and John’s Music
by Carmen D’Cruz and John Gregson – 1:06:32

Milton Mermikides doing sound effects, playing music and stings throughout.
MC James O’Malley was in da house.

Thanks to Sid Rodrigues and everyone at London SITP for hosting us.

DVD Extra style content:

What did the people there think? by Sean Ellis

What did you think of the live format? Please post in the comments below as we’d love to hear your thoughts.

11 thoughts on “Episode 51 – 17th September 2010 – Live Birthday Special!

  1. I got this comment from Alyssa Goldberg posted over on our ipadio page. Thought I’d repost it here as it’s incredibly interesting:

    “Just listened to the segment on gay men being barred from donating blood in the UK. I am a heterosexual woman living in New York. In the US, I am unable to donate blood because I lived in the UK for a year in the late 1980s. Even though I have never eaten meat, I cannot donate because I might be infected with BSE. Nobody that spent three or more months in the UK during the 1980s can donate blood in the US. So, if you come to the US, you can be discriminated against for being British before they ever get a chance to discriminate against you for being gay.”

  2. A phenominal show and a brilliant podcast that is proving itself time and time again, with each episode. This latest innovation, a live show, is definitely something to be repeated more regularly: perhaps on tour around the country?

    The PodDelusion is fast on it’s way to becoming part of the great line up of secular, humanist and rational institutions in Britain alongside NewHumanist, Freethinker Magazine, The BHA Choir and The Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People.

    It is thanks to these people and their supporters that Britains’ cultural identity is becoming more and more rational and informed!

    Excellent work guys! Thanks.

  3. Re French “heavy legs” syndrome. I would disagree that this is treated as a disease. It is seen as a syndrome, but more usually just as a symptom. And I think as a symptom it does>/i> make sense, particularly for menopausal women. We do know the role of movement of the leg muscles in helping blood circulation. Don’t your legs feel heavy when you haven’t been moving? Or when you’ve had a short rest after exercis

    A more “authentic” imaginary French disease is “crise de foie”. Here there are real symptoms that would be recognized anywhere, but would be attributed to “indigestion”, “overeating”, “heavy drinking”. In France, the illness is focused on the liver, but I don’t think anyone claims that they actually feel anything in their liver.

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