Episode 45 – 6th August 2010

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Councillor John Dixon Interview by Jack of Kent
Bill Thompson Interview by Salim Fadhley
Wikileaks and philosophy by James Firth
Who are the enemy? by Drew Rae

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3 thoughts on “Episode 45 – 6th August 2010

  1. I felt I had to come down on the side of Wikileaks simply because the people accusing them of having ‘blood on their hands’ are the US military. When the documents in question show such incompetence leading to civilian deaths, trying to take the moral high ground sounds totally ridiculous.

  2. Really like James’ article. I wonder if the days we will trust government or commercial media to honestly summarise data they won’t share are gone, though. One of the issues pre-Iraq is that the government of the UK and the USA were constantly implying that they had more concrete evidence that they couldn’t reveal. Turned out that they didn’t – they didn’t lie, but given the loaded summaries of the hidden data, the electorate needed the WHOLE data set to be informed. Similar situation with climategate – trust doesn’t just require honesty, it also requires openness.

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