10 thoughts on “Westminster Skeptics – Frank Swain, the Science Punk

  1. The “legal reason” is simple.

    A highly offensive – vile – comment about Gillian McKeith is referred to. My recollection is that, in the context it was mentioned, it would be legally ok to broadcast. However, I would want to re-hear it to be certain.

    But given the interest in Frank’s (brilliant) talk, James wants to get the podcast out as soon as possible. I will not have time to listen to it until this evening.

    As the Pod Delusion is a responsible podcast, James and I agreed a compromise: an edited version can go out straight away; and when I have listened to the reference to Gillian McKeith again, it may be possible to put the unedited version online too.

    I am sorry if this edit causes an inconvenience.

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