Episode 33 – 14th May 2010

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Twitter and the Election (1:38) by George Poles
What next for Evan Harris? (7:52) by James O’Malley
What next for Libel Reform? (9:37) by James O’Malley
Fair Votes Protest (12:10) by Misty
Women and the Election (16:25) by Tania Glyde
Five Live (22:56) by Simon Howard
Subsistance Farming (24:06) by Salim Fadhley

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3 thoughts on “Episode 33 – 14th May 2010

  1. Note there is a precedence:Monty Python Election Night Special.

    Since getting hooked on skeptic podcasts, I am now learning lots about politics in other countries. I live in the USA, in a state where the governor and two senators are women… but the national government is still male dominated. Go figure.

    Also, I never knew until this podcast that Morris dancers were a menace.

  2. The Evan Harris reaction was disappointingly tribal.

    Surely it should be about working for constituents rather than bussing in more outside campaigners than the other side?

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