“The Pod Dilution” – A 1023 Special

Last weekend was the 1023 campaign‘s big event. We were there, so present to you this special episode. Normal service will be resumed on Friday as usual.

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Key moments:
Martin Robbins (3:00)
Carmen D’Cruz (5:45)
Evan Harris MP (11:28)
Dave Gorman (yes, that Dave Gorman) (13:33)
Simon Singh (16:09)
Countdown Speeches (19:20)
The Big Overdose (28:15)

8 thoughts on ““The Pod Dilution” – A 1023 Special

  1. How witty and funny ! not. It is quite a well known fact among homoeopaths you can not overdose on Homoeopathy ? I think you guys should have done just a little bit more research. So what was the point of your demo ? If it is placebo based how can it possibly work in animals, babies and comatose individuals Like my mother who was given the last rights after 6 weeks of being in a coma through double Pneumonia and a brain haemorrhage, within 1 hour of taking a remedy ‘sublingually’, remarkably, started to recover ? I am not an homoeopath or have any interest in being so but have seen it work in some amazing situations with animals and babys. Your demo was a pointless publicity student for a desperate journalist and numerous medical/science students. When you have seen Homoeopathy work first hand you will know how effective this complementary medicine actually is.

  2. Hi Tom,

    I tend to agree with you. Our cat Hitler was dying of feline AIDS and was given less than a month to live by our vet. We visited an animal homoeopath who suggested alternative therapeutics to enhance his bio-energy (life force) at the subtle dynamic levels, as this would boost Hitler’s immune system as opposed to crude orthodox therapy, which would undoubtedly crush his feline spirit as well as actually suppress his ordinary immune response.

    Needless to say Hitler went on to live a happy symptom-free life until he was struck and killed 6 weeks later by a Waitrose delivery van.


  3. Tom said:

    ” anecodote … confusion between correlation and causation… anecdote … misunderstanding of placebo effect in animals … “my experience is better than your science””


  4. Hi Tom,
    I’m glad to hear your mother recovered. Without wanting to sound heartless, do you think her condition might have improved anyway, whether she took the “remedy” or not? It’s certainly a possibility to be considered, no?
    How does it work on animals and babies? Where has this been demonstrated? What illnesses did it “cure”? Could you cite some references? There are Nobel prizes in physics and chemistry at stake for proof that homeopathy works. I’d love to see a revolution in science, it would change everything!
    Spontaneous recovery, the placebo effect and regression to the mean can explain most anecdotal evidence that seems to support homeopathy. To use a common but still accurate phrase: the plural of anecdote is not data. As Richard Feynman said: “Science is a way of trying not to fool yourself. The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.” Hence the need for double blind, rigorously controlled experimental conditions. And these have been done, time and again, showing that homeopathy does not work beyond the placebo effect. Anecdotes are virtually worthless because we are all so easily fooled by our emotions, faulty perception and fuzzy memories.

  5. re Tom:

    Love the fact that ‘an’ ‘homoeopath’ apologist has found this site. Dispute that 10:23 was a “pointless publicity student”.

    As Kenny Everett might have said someone here is being a Cupid Student.


    1). is this some feline version of Godwin’s Law being played out here?
    2) so sorry to hear of cat’s demise, though at least Waitrose is a classy exit. Please let me know location so I can start a little roadside shrine :-)

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