Episode 15 – 1st January 2010 – New Years Awards!

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Political Scandal of the Year by Simon Howard
Product of the Year by Salim Fadhley
Disease of the Year by Billy Abbott
Social Media Mogul of the Year by Liz Lutgendorff
Blogger of the Year by Crispian Jago
Quote of the Year by Martyn Norris
Comedian of the Year by Misty
Gaming Twat of the Year by Jim Dixon
Douchebag of the Year by Owen Duffy
Most Missed 2009 by Jon Treadway
Pod Delusion Listeners Award by James O’Malley

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Blogger of the year finalists from Crispian:

10. Adventures in Nonsense & Zeno’s Blog

9. The Enemies of Reason

8. Heresy Corner

7. Podblack Cat

6. Dr. Petra Boynton

5. Gimpy’s Blog

4. Carmen Gets Around

3. Jourdemayne

2. Vagina Dentata

1. Jack of Kent

Why Pod Delusion winner Simon Singh is Awesome

15 thoughts on “Episode 15 – 1st January 2010 – New Years Awards!

  1. Pod Delusion and Social Media collide! Eek! There’s one thing I need to pick up on – Digg’s increase in visitor numbers. Intuitively, an increase in numbers for Digg is implausible – the site certainly feels like it’s been waning in influence in the last few years. Lots of the more technologically literature users seem to have left (for Reddit, for Hacker News, for trusty old /., or for an array of trusted tech blogs and Twitter feeds), and the site seems to have become stagnant. Digg’s increase in numbers can be explained by the DiggBar. Digg added the DiggBar back in the first few months of 2009. This means that for every headline click on Digg, they get more page views for those who haven’t turned the DiggBar off. This doesn’t mean much, except they can go to their investors and say “hey, we’ve had an x% increase in traffic this year!” even though it’s not an actual increase in traffic, just a pageview inflation trick.

    The same may be true for Twitter – it depends on how they measure traffic. You can use Compete.com/Alexa.com, but that isn’t always that useful a measure. Web analytics is a dark and difficult art where apples are frequently compared with oranges. Take LinkedIn: that it’s not as popular as Facebook is pretty irrelevant. It’s a business networking site – the number of people who use it are quite limited because, well, getting a job is boring compared to poking people. Compare the Institute of Directors and the Glastonbury Festival. How many bands performed at the former? Does it matter? Get too deep into comparing social networks and you’ll end up comparing apples and oranges.

  2. Many thanks for the mention, and congratulations to all those in the Top 10. Like JoK I’ve written a short blog about this http://www.drpetra.co.uk/blog/new-year-honours.

    Perhaps we can all consider ways to further discuss the question of what makes good blogging – particularly with a view to thinking about what outcomes we’d like to achieve? And how we’d like to measure those?

    Thanks again and a Happy New Year!

  3. I would like to thank my mother, my wife, the four cats, , and all those who voted for me…, …

    Seriously, it was completely unexpected and thanks to all at the Pod Delusion for great podcasts!

  4. the atheist sins not only against God, but also against man…


    have you for but a moment considered that you have adopted a position against 98% of the human race, both past and present?

    do you think you are RIGHT and they are all WRONG?


    now listen to this arrogant puffed up son of a bitch….


    little scientist geek who would try to usurp God Himself!!!



    you really need to add comment moderation to your blasphemy…

  5. “Marc, January 3, 2010 at 7:30 pm | Permalink
    A correction: the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by a bunch of Norwegians, not a bunch of Swedes.”

    Yeah, sorry about that :(

  6. Yay! That’s some good kookery. The USENET kooks never really die, they just find new ways to inflict their lunacy on the world. Nostradamus, the Time Cube, BORK BORK BORK!! etc.

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