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Episode 19 – 29th January 2010

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ADE651 Bomb Detector (1:11) by Jon Treadway (featuring Prof Bruce Hood)
Photographers are not terrorists (9:31) by Billy Abbott
The 1023 Campaign are homeopathy deniers (14:57) by Martin Robbins
Homeopathic Labelling (22:02) by Dr*T
Scottish TV (28:46) by Duncan Stephen

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Episode 18 – 22nd January 2010

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Proposition 8 Update (1:18) by Salim Fadhley
YouTube Censorship (8:36) by Dave Cole
Homeopathy and Python (14:24) by Crispian Jago (ft Mark Thompson)
I’m Feeling Sleepy (21:17) by Sly & Reggie
Robin Ince & Nerdstock (25:31) by James O’Malley (ft Robin Ince)

New themetune by Milton Mermikides.

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Episode 17 – 15th January 2010

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David Cameron’s Face (0:55) by George Poles
The Big Freeze (4:15) by Martin Robbins
Google Owns Our Souls (9:23) by Liz Lutgendorff
NHS IT Systems (15:16) by Simon Howard
Douglas Adams (20:26) by Misty
Dan Brown and Tony Robinson (23:10) by Billy Abbott
ITV and the Regions (26:42) by Mark Thompson

Episode 16 – 8th January 2010

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Islam4UK in Wooton Bassett (0:51) by Rob Weeks
Kepler Results (6:44) by Pete Hague
World Exclusive: DJ Grothe Interview (10:57) by Jon Treadway

  • First interview with the new President of the James Randi Educational Foundation since he started his new job
  • Find out what he thinks about Randi’s global warming views, the next TAM London, his new podcast, and the future of the Million Dollar Challenge

Research Excellence Framework (25:48) by Tom Morris
What is 1023? (37:35) by James O’Malley and Michael Marshall

Show notes:

Special Episode – Homeopathy Compilation

Jon, who runs the Bad Psychics network of sites has asked if I could compile some of our homeopathy-related reports into a single episode to be featured on his website. Not one to turn an excellent promotional opportunity down, I put the following together…

Homeopathy Undercover by Crispian Jago
Is conventional medicine all it’s cracked up to be? by Simon Howard
Homeopathy at the Select Committee by Martin Robbins
An Open Letter to Boots by Andy Wilson

Episode 15 – 1st January 2010 – New Years Awards!

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Political Scandal of the Year by Simon Howard
Product of the Year by Salim Fadhley
Disease of the Year by Billy Abbott
Social Media Mogul of the Year by Liz Lutgendorff
Blogger of the Year by Crispian Jago
Quote of the Year by Martyn Norris
Comedian of the Year by Misty
Gaming Twat of the Year by Jim Dixon
Douchebag of the Year by Owen Duffy
Most Missed 2009 by Jon Treadway
Pod Delusion Listeners Award by James O’Malley

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