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Nominate for the Pod Delusion 2009 Listeners’ Award

Next week, as it’s the end of the year and no one is allowed to broadcast anything unless it is a ‘special’ of some sort (see below) – so next week we’re doing what every other journalist is doing, and putting out a ‘review of the year’ show (don’t worry, it’ll be 100% new material!)- and giving out awards in different categories. And we need your help!

We want you to nominate a person/organisation/thing that should receive the Pod Delusion 2009 Listeners’ Award – someone who best sums up what the whole show is about, and has done the most to further the values and ideas associated with the show (and perhaps who does it without sounding as amazingly pretentious as that description does). So if you’ve got someone in mind, nominate by clicking HERE. The winner will be announced on the next show, that will hopefully be online on either the 27th or 28th December!

Episode 14th – 18th December 2009 – Winterval Special!

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This week:
Winterval (0:00) by James O’Malley
Johnny drops a Ball (3:33) by Salim Fadhley
Debunking the Nativity (8:43) by Jack of Kent
The modern day Nativity (14:16) by Liz Lutgendorff
Ann Summers at Christmas (18:11) by Simon Howard
Christmas Number One (22:11) by Martyn Norris
RIP Frosty (26:31) by George Poles

Songs throughout by Jon Treadway and James Taylor

Show notes:

Episode 13 – 11th December 2009

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Special Extended Episode!
Libel Reform Campaign launch (1:13) by Jack of Kent
Homeopathy Select Committees (9:26) by Martin Robbins
The future of NATO (16:24) by James O’Malley
Darwin’s Detractors (23:07) by Liz Lutgendorff
In defence of Bob Crow (27:38) by Pete Hague
Cult of the Phone Geek (34:00) by Gareth Buxton
People with colds (41:21) by Martyn Norris
The end of the World As We Know It (44:17) by George Poles

Follow-up links from the episode:

Episode 12 – 4th December 2009

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My Gay Straight Wedding (0:37) by Salim Fadhley
50 for 10: Support The Guardian (7:19) by Jon Treadway
Drugs and Steroids (14:40) by Owen Duffy
Simon Singh: The Movie (22:14) by Crispian Jago and the Pod Delusion Players

Follow-up links on things mentioned in the show:

  • The 50 for 10 Guardian Facebook group is here