Episode 9 – 13th November 2009

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This week:
EXCLUSIVE: Skeptical Voter Launch (0:49) by Richard Wilson
Glenn Beck 1990 (3:45) by Salim Fadhley
Hollywood Skepticism (9:54) by Jon Treadway
Skepticism vs Denial (16:00) by Crispian Jago
Downloading TV (20:57) by Mark Thompson
Large Hadron Collider (25:49) by Professor Wilhelm Howells

Follow-ups from things mentioned in the show:

6 thoughts on “Episode 9 – 13th November 2009

  1. Glad you could hear it DE, but as a cyclist myself can I implore you not to listen to headphones on your bike! You need to be aware of your surroundings when you are cycling, because there are plenty of drivers who will be unaware of your existence (and some that will be making a spirited attempt at killing you, in my experience)

  2. Pete, its a good point – I never have it loud enough to drown out the traffic. To be honest, in central London no cyclist is in any doubt about surrounding danger.

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