Episode 7 – 30th October 2009

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In this week’s show:
RIP Geocities by Billy Abbott
The GOP and Rape by Tom Morris
The AFA and Playboy by Jimmy Golding
The Alpha Course by Neil Denny
Are We Alone? by Crispian Jago
Horoscopes by Will Howells

Follow-ups from things mentioned in the show:

  • Neil Denny’s radio show, Little Atoms can be found here.
  • Synoiz and his music can be found here.
  • The Events Calendar can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Episode 7 – 30th October 2009

  1. OK, I’m probably going to make a fool of myself, but how do I actually download this podcast? I’m running Linux so I’m not iTunes enabled, and although I can get the flash podcast player working, I’d rather listen in the car. I don’t want to subscribe to feeds. Can we have a simple “click on this link to download an MP3” please?

  2. Loved your bit Crispian!

    One little thing though, Adams quote was wrong (though humour was clearly it’s intention) as a subset smaller than your infinite initial set can still be itself an infinite set.

    The classic example of how an infinite set can inhabit an infinite set is my Infinite hotel. In a fit of productivity I built a hotel with an infinite number of rooms, and one day a tour group of an infinite number of honeymooners turn up. With my hotel full I sit back and count my money.

    But the next day every single guy is in the foyer due to having fallen out and want their own rooms.

    Even though I’m full I find rooms for them. How? Because I tell every wife to move into the room with the number twice as large as the one they currently reside. Suddenly my hotel is only half full. Thus freeing up an infinite number of rooms for the new customers.

    Erm, not sure why this comment exists, apart from my very boring day!

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