Episode 5 – 16th October 2009

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Guest edited this week by Will Howells.
Moon Bombing (0:59) by Billy Abbott
Alternative Therapies (4:59) by Crispian Jago
Ofsted Inspections (13:31) by Misty
Norman Borlaug (20:29) by Pete Hague
Future Tory Government (23:45) by Duncan Stephen

6 thoughts on “Episode 5 – 16th October 2009

  1. I would say anythiing but the SNP myself. With the exception of a few (who are far to nice to be SNP members to be honest) my dealings with them have shown me their true colours, ego mad, power hungry without little or no real care for those that they are claiming to represent. I pity the people of Scotland if they were to find themselves under an independent SNP government

    (via Duncan’s Blog)

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