Episode 1 – 18th September 2009

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Stories covered this week (timecode in brackets):
Gordon Brown’s language (0:44) By Simon Howard
Product Placement on TV (5:52) By Duncan Stephen
Edge Media TV (9:26) By James O’Malley
New School Academies (15:53) By Misty
New Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum (21:44) By Crispian Jago
Derren Brown’s Lottery Stunt (25:21) By Will Howells

8 thoughts on “Episode 1 – 18th September 2009

  1. Listening to The Pod Delusion in two visits. Listened to half just now and especially enjoyed Duncan’s product placement piece.

    Possible answer why ads like Glade and Sheba crop up in unlikely places such as conspiracy channels…I believe some ads get booked on blocks of channels, so the ads you see may have been agreed across a selection of channels, including a conspiracy channel.

    Boring, I know, but I’m sure I’ve heard about this kind of agreement in the past. Does that explanation spoil everything, or could it be the start of a whole new conspiracy?

    As you say, it may just be inspired thinking on Sheba’s part. Let’s hope.

    (via James’ Blog)

  2. In my day sticky back plastic was Blue Peter’s name for Fablon – patterned plastic material with glue on the back. Once you’d taken the protective cover off you could unroll it and stick it on your chosen surface. Blue Peter used it to jazz up the “presents” you were supposed to be making for your mum or granny.
    For sellotape they just said sticky tape.

    (via Duncan’s Blog)

  3. Interesting point Martin – I’ve heard of similar systems of ad-booking in the past (such as ads being shown and the channel getting no money unless it leads to direct sales of the product – presumably insurance ads and the like).

    What this means though is the conspiracy channel is in bed with THE SYSTEM even more than I thought: the ad-brokering company, the play-out company and so on are all going to be protecting corporate interests and the like.

    (via James’ Blog)

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